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Work with us

Joining our talent pool allows you to take control of your career and find progression with access to top tier consulting firms, whilst seeing an increase in remuneration.

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What we Offer our Talent

If you are an

Exceptional consultant with under 10 years’ experience.

Looking for

Career control, experience, development, and the opportunity to push your limits.

We can help

Facilitate placement into top tier consulting houses and projects of work.

Offering you

Unparalleled access to roles and support from leading consultants - helping accelerate your career progression.

Why Become a Contractor?


Increased remuneration – our consultants see large increases in remuneration compared to PAYG roles.


Accelerated professional development - working with leading professional services firms. 


Enhanced career flexibility – projects that match your skills and interests.

How We Support You

We ensure your career progression is enhanced and grows by connecting you to world class projects within leading professional service firms.


We support your chosen career path with flexibility to choose your projects – in a remote or on-site environments.


Help you find the confidence to step into the contracting world - knowing we will provide meaningful roles that will progress your career and security in ensuring ongoing work.


Apply Now

If you are interested in joining our network to gain access to our clients and their projects in Australia, please apply below. 

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